Growing Apart, Cheating Without Cheating, and Other Troubling Issues in Relationships

Creating a great romantic relationship is one of the goals people might seek assistance with from a life coach. They might begin their search with information about a coach like Giordana Toccaceli on In addition, podcasts at many sites feature this particular relationship expert and provide a lot of useful tips. Men and women can both learn to be irresistible to the opposite sex and create a fulfilling, fun, and loving relationship with a fantastic partner.

Maintaining Relationship Vitality

Taking steps to maintain that relationship’s vitality is crucial as well. Many couples break up what might otherwise have been a happy life together, but one or both individuals cannot offer what it takes for a truly rewarding partnership. In other cases, the two stay together and get married, but they grow apart and don’t feel happy anymore. They may eventually get divorced or simply continue in this less-than-satisfactory arrangement.

These breakdowns in marriages can be particularly tough when the couple has been together for more than a decade and has children. Should they stay together and hope that the youngsters will be happier this way? If they’re fighting all the time, probably not. If they just don’t feel the connection they once did, seeking help from a relationship coach may have some very positive results.

Cheating Without Cheating

Ms. Toccaceli cautions people in relationships about behaviors she calls cheating without cheating. People in romantic relationships may feel betrayed if they get the sense of being used by the partner, for example. One person may wonder whether the partner is only there because of finances or status. Another person may become weary when the partner cannot seem to be happy without constant attention and reassurance. Undermining the other person with frequent negative commentary is another source of betrayal.

Of course, there also are episodes of cheating that may technically not be an affair or a one-night stand, but the incidents still make the partner feel betrayed. Carrying on a secret email correspondence with an old flame is a primary example even if these ex-lovers have no intention of doing anything further.