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Six Steps on How to Install Artificial Grass

Nowadays, nature is the way to go as people prefer natural beautification. Owning that natural grass cover in your compound makes your home complete. Nevertheless, it might be challenging as sometimes water becomes a challenge. This now will call for laying artificial grass and mark you, artificial turf is most aesthetic decoration you can have around your home. Laying down the artificial turf is an easy task that you can take on yourself.

Before you get down to business, you need to know to understand the tools of the trade. You will need; spade, leaf blower, four-inch nails, rake, hammer, gloves, wheelbarrow, turf cutter, mastic gun, compactor and mechanical brush.

Do Away with the Old Lawn

Remove the outdated lawn from the ground. Dig in to a depth of not less than three inches. If your lawn is in good condition you can transfer it someone else. If the previous lawn was a natural one, the grass can go to your kitchen garden. Flatten the field. If it is the first time, prepare where your lawn will cover. Do not tamper with any underground wires or water pipes. The planned area should have a good drainage.

Build a Perimeter Edge
The artificial grass will need an edge to line up against. You can create your own side. The edges are readily available in a store near your home. Or you can build a layer of mortar of up to three centimeters. The edge beautifies the lawn and cuts it off from the paths.

Level the Ground
The artificial grass should lie on a leveled bed of sand. Here you will need a piece of timber to level the sand across the planned area. As you level, make sure the sand has a depth of not more than twenty millimeters.

Lay a Weed Membrane
Lay a weed membrane to stop weeds from growing. In as much the fabric suppresses weed, it should allow water to drainage. Trim the weed membrane that covers the edge.

Install the Artificial Grass
Place your new artificial grass on the weed membrane. Ensure as you roll out the lawn they are all leveled and facing one direction. Stick the rolls to the ground using seven inch galvanized nails. Then use a hammer to drive the nails through the lawn firmly into the ground. Trim the excess synthetic grass.

Final Touches
Sprinkle sand on the artificial lawn. Six to eight kilos of sand will do. The sand trick is to make your artificial grass lawn to appear beautiful and natural, and sand which is heavy holds the lawn to the ground to stop from being blown away.

A Beginners Guide To Turf

A Beginners Guide To Turf